Single / fleet lease bodywork mechanics

Leasing a car?

If you’re leasing a vehicle and it’s nearing its return date, then it pays to drop it by a bodywork repair service to rectify any scratches or dents before giving it back. In the event that you don’t, the lease company can charge you for any damage that’s been done. The charge will be reflective of the lease company’s repair bill, which may or may not be competitive depending on whom the lease company has hired to repair the vehicle. High or low, that bill will be passed onto you. Don’t let it happen. Retain control of that repair bill by taking care of it yourself and potentially save money in the long run. With Blackpool Spray Tech, you’ve got an affordable repair service on hand who can take care of any bodywork issues.

Complete service

Blackpool Spray Tech provide a comprehensive bodywork service that can isolate and rectify any scratches, dents, water residue marks or other bodywork defect. We also provide a state-of-the-art spray paint service for spot treatments and our alloy wheel refurbishment service is one of the best in the area. We also provide fleet services. So if you’re a transport manager responsible for a company’s entire car lease service provision, we can take care of all your vehicles’ repair work and help you retain greater control of your expenses by not leaving it to the lease company’s discretion when it comes to that repair bill.

Why our team?

With over 27 years in the car repair industry, our mechanics boast an impeccable reputation for the quality of their work and the consistency with which they produce it. All our team are professional in their approach to each and every project and their commitment to the work is second to none. Combine that work ethic with their knowledge base and the advanced equipment we have access to at our workshop, you can see why Blackpool Spray Tech continue to be a leading name in the bodywork area.

Full lease vehicle bodywork service:
  • Single / fleet lease vehicles catered for
  • Comprehensive bodywork service
  • Experienced mechanics
  • Professional approach
  • Fully equipped garage
  • Results meet the highest standards
  • Mobile services

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