Alloy wheel refurbishment

Alloy trouble?

Beyond visible damage, there are plenty of warning signs when it comes to alloy wheels and the need for any repair work. Handling can be off, you might need to put a bit more elbow grease into that steering wheel, damaged alloys can even be a factor in any increased visits to the petrol station. It therefore pays to get those wheels sorted out as soon as any issues become apparent. With Blackpool Spray Tech, you’ve got a dedicated alloy wheel refurbishment and repair shop who can do that for you.

Full alloy repairs

At Blackpool Spray Tech, we provide a complete alloy wheel refurbishment and repair service. From rim repairs and scratch fixes to all round cleaning and polishing, we can have those alloy wheels back in business in no time at all. Our mechanics have a reputation for quality work and they approach each and every job with the utmost dedication. So what are you waiting for?

Ace mechanics

Our mechanics are a leading outfit and carry out a range of work when it comes to vehicle repairs, from bodywork fixes to paintwork solutions. Blackpool Spray Tech have been providing a professional alloy wheel refurbishment service for the last 27 years and house state-of-the-art equipment and tech to help facilitate that consummate service. So put your faith in Blackpool Spray Tech and get in touch today.

Full alloy wheel repair / refurbishment service
  • Complete alloy wheel and refurbishment service
  • Quality end product
  • Alloy wheel experts
  • 27 years in the auto repair sector
  • Advanced workshop
  • Professional mechanics
  • Mobile services
  • Diamond cut alloys

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